Hidden Valley High School Spring Sports


Student athletes at Hidden Valley Highschool all get ready for their sports season beginning in March that lasts until the end of May, and some into the summer. Many of the students at HV participate in after school activities such as sports and want to continue with sports into college. Hidden Valley has about six different sports for their students to choose from. 

For boys lacrosse, Brennan Metz has lots to say about the sport. “I have been playing lacrosse since about sixth grade; however, I’ve been playing for Hidden Valley since eighth grade”. Brennan, a current member of the HVHS Titan Twelve, talked about balancing school and sports. “It depends on who you ask”, he said, “I’ve been balancing for a long time, so I’m used to the extended amount of things happening at once, and I’d say you just have to calm your nerves and you’ll be okay”. Bella Shellnutt is a sophomore at Hidden Valley. She plays girls varsity basketball and girls varsity lacrosse. She’s been a member of the lacrosse team for two years. “People should come to our games because we all put a lot of effort into playing and it’s fun to watch,” she said. “The season is going to be really fun this year. We all get along and are just excited to play”. 

Varsity baseball player Brendon Ross has been playing his sport for around ten years. “The team aspect and the coach are the best part of playing for Hidden Valley,” he said, “Everybody gets along and it’s a lot of fun”. The sophomore said that students should go and support other students who are playing their sports. “Show up to the events, be loud, and support the team”. 

Carlie Plunkett, a sophomore, is a member of Hidden Valley’s softball team. “I’ve been playing softball for seven years,” she said. “The team is the best part of Hidden Valley softball. We all get along and we hang out outside of practice and get dinner sometimes”. “Even though there’s a five-dollar fee to go, softball is really fun to watch and people should go to the games,” Carlie said. 

Hidden Valley’s track is a very active group of students. “We have track meets almost every weekend,” said Mathew Settle. He’s been running track for four years, as well as playing basketball for the school.  “I run the 100m, 200m, 400m, and I do the high jump,” he said. “The hardest part of track is running hills and just the other workouts we do at practice,” said the sophomore.   

Holt Konstance is a sophomore at Hidden Valley. He is also a member of Hidden Valley’s boys varsity soccer team. He has been playing soccer for many years before playing as a freshman and continuing as a sophomore. “I play for the school and I play travel soccer,” he said. “For Hidden Valley soccer we have practice everyday except for Saturday and Sunday,” said the sophomore. “It looks like the season could be decent this year. We play some hard teams this year but it so far everyone is enjoying it so it should be good”. Katelyn Pinon is a sophomore at Hidden Valley and an active member of the girls soccer team. “Soccer is super fun to play, especially when you have friends on the team. We’re all friends and get along so it’s all a good environment.” She is excited about the upcoming season. “We had a good season last year so I hope we can continue that into this year”. 

Hana Sageer is a member of Hidden Valley’s girls varsity tennis. She is currently number four on the team and also plays basketball for the school. “This is my first year playing tennis,” she said. The girls tennis has practice everyday except for Saturday and Sunday, and has two games a week usually. “The hardest part is that I’m not as experienced as the other players we have matches against,” Said Hana. Hana is optimistic about the upcoming season. “I will probably have more wins than loses this season but it’s all a good learning opportunity and it’ll give me more experience for next year,” said the sophomore.