Super Bowl Sunday Preview

Time for Football

Time for Football

Sophie Wright, Reporter

On February 12th, the Eagles and the Chiefs will face off in Arizona at State Farm Stadium to see who will claim their Super Bowl victory. Most people suspected that the Bengals would make it to the Super Bowl, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a very close score and the Chiefs won with the final field goal making the score 23-20. Meanwhile for the other game, the Eagles destroyed the 49ers 31-7.

Both teams are 14-3, making it seem like it is going to be a pretty even matchup. Some people were pretty disappointed with the final contestants, including Worth Paisley (11) who was disappointed when Joe Burrow didn’t make it. He claimed that it seems like the Chiefs always do well so that it’s not a surprise when they make it, and that the Eagles atmosphere isn’t the best. His prediction for the Super Bowl winner is the Eagles, saying that “they got a good quarterback and just a good all-around team,” and that “the Chiefs are solid, but I don’t think they got it this year.”

Katie Brewer (11) was also annoyed with who ended up going to the Super Bowl. She was rooting for an excellent game of the Bengals versus the 49ers. She commented that “they’ve both won a Super Bowl in recent years,” so she doesn’t want to root for either team. But if she had to choose, she thinks that the Chiefs would win. “The Eagles and the Chiefs were the two best teams this year, so I did expect them to make it,” Katie answered when asked about if she was surprised about the teams who made it to the final cut. Overall, this Super Bowl should be pretty evenly matched, and a good game to watch