Hidden Valley Basketball Season


Hidden Valley Highschool’s basketball season is coming to an end. Highschool basketball season generally lasts from the beginning to end of winter, but in some cases to continues past that time.  

Avery Tanis, a sophomore and a member of the HVHS girls varsity basketball team says she’s been playing basketball for 10 years! “The team dynamic is really good, we’ve all played tons of games and tournaments together over the past few summers and fall so we’ve grown a lot as a team since the beginning,” She said.   

Tanis has played for HVHS throughout her entire high school career and intends to play in the upcoming years. When asked about how she think the team will play next year she said, “I think we will be even better. We were really young since we only had one senior, and a lot of the teams that beat us only played their seniors, so I think next year we have a shot at winning a lot of games.” 

Miles Lusk, a sophomore playing for Hidden Valley Highschool said “The season this year was really good. We had a really good players for JV and varsity, as well as a really good coaching staff.” Miles said he’s been playing basketball on and off since fourth grade. “I think next year will be really good. We’ve got a lot of good players and a lot of hard workers and people who are committed to the team,” Miles said.