How to Be a Great Neighbor in the Fall Season

Just Saying Hello

Just Saying Hello

Not sure how to put a smile on your neighbor’s face this time of year? Read on for five great ideas to bring some autumn cheer to the best on the block.

Idea #1- Stare Through Your Neighbor’s Windows

Fear is one of the best parts of Halloween. So, as a little October present, gift some fear to your favorite neighbors! Walk right up to the window, and don’t be shy, stare straight at them. If they have blinds up, call them to ask them to lift the blinds so that you can see them. Don’t let your gaze waiver, stare straight ahead, and keep some caffeinated drinks close by in case you want to stay there all night. Binoculars are helpful too!

Idea #2- Start Stealing Neighborhood Decorations

With fall comes Halloween, which means you need to decorate your house! A great way to save money is to simply steal decorations from around the neighborhood. They put it in front of their house, making it free to everyone else, so steal your favorite one! Neighbors probably won’t even notice that they are gone and will love the idea of someone else utilizing the decorations properly.

Idea #3- Egg Your Neighbor’s House

This is a great way to really get to know your neighbor. They will appreciate the decorating, as well as the lovely smell that comes with it. Maybe they can even use some of the leftovers for breakfast the next morning! It will show them that you are always thinking of others.

Idea #4- Throw All of Your Leaves onto Different Lawns

Want to clean up the yard, but just too lazy to bring a trash bag to stuff the leaves in? Simply rake your leaves onto the street or into the yards around you. When the neighbors start their leaf cleanup, how will they know whether those leaves were added? This will save you time on your cleanup!

Idea #5- Go Around Singing Christmas Carols

Everyone knows that Christmas celebrations really start around this time of year. Skip over Halloween songs and get in the Christmas spirit! If people start to tell you “It’s not Christmas time yet” or “It’s only September” sing louder over them so that they can fully immense themselves into the Christmas song. Don’t leave until you get some figgy pudding!