Hidden Valley is Getting Renovated!

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Sophia Zeng, Staff Writer

Overheard last week at a HVHS staff meeting, principal Josh Armpitlow decides that Hidden Valley desperately needs a makeover. The 20-year-old school of roughly 1000 students will soon be undergoing a renovation. “It’s something we’ve thought of just now, but I’m sure that everything will go smoothly”, said Armpitlow, HVHS’s principal. “The construction people know what they’re doing, right? I’ll allow them to take some creative liberties here and there, but I’ve pulled an all nighter drawing up the new school’s blueprint. We’ll finally get a pool on the school roof! When asked about whether or not he has a background in architecture, Armpitlow replied “no, but they’ll make it work”. 

Titan Twelve member Shreya Madan has some thoughts on the current state of Hidden Valley. “It’s alright right now. Our bathrooms are pretty horrible, but other than that, it’s pretty good”, she said. However, she has some serious strong thoughts on the school colors. “Inside, the blue and gold is kind of dull. I think the school colors are kind of lame, just the combination”. Armpitlow might want to think about choosing some new school colors for the new building.  

Two schools in the area have already caught on to the renovation trend, both Cave Spring (2018) and William Byrd (2022). Shreya ecstatically agreed that Hidden Valley should be catching up on the renovation trend. “Of course, we have to show that Hidden Valley is cool and hip too,” said Armpitlow.  

Students would have to learn in trailers throughout the duration of the renovation. Construction noise around the school would be a learning disruption. “Oh yeah, the students will be going to class in trailers, but that’s totally fine. The misery of students’ complaints is like music to my ears”, Armpitlow stated. When asked if she would like to take classes in trailers, Shreya awkwardly replied “No, but… I’m graduating… so it’s fine.” 

“In four years, Hidden Valley will be called the ‘jewel of Roanoke County’”, Armpitlow announced. Shreya was “sad that I won’t get to see [the totally cool new school]”, but the next few years of Titans will be here to fully enjoy the new school.