She Knew it All- The Queen’s Death and Liz Truss’s Resignation


Sophia Zeng, Staff Reporter

Liz Truss, the UK’s shortest serving prime minister, was elected only 2 days before Queen Elizabeth’s death on September 8th. Is there more to this uncanny coincidence? Here’s what we think.

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning female monarch in British history by a long shot and the 2nd longest reigning monarch ever. She was notoriously known for having extremely good health, which sparked many memes over her supposed immortality. Aided by personal doctors and servants throughout her life, it’s no wonder how she managed to live for this long. Prior to her death, she was as healthy as ever until the morning of September 8th, when the Queen’s doctors suddenly became concerned for her health. This raises the question: why would she die so suddenly and so soon after the appointment of a prime minister?

Queen Elizabeth had lived through 15 British Prime Ministers in her lifetime. Although there is not much information on this, one can only speculate that the appointment of new Prime Ministers did not have a negative effect on the Queen’s health. Major health complications include knee surgery in 2003 and the contraction of Covid-19 in spring of 2022, but neither of these were close to the election of a new prime minister.

Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss was not elected by the general public, but by the members of her Conservative Party. Given her already unpopular status among the public when she was elected, things only became worse. She announced plans for tax cuts, deregulation and borrowing, sinking the value of the British pound. Later, in a humiliating reversal, she was forced to reverse almost all her tax cuts. Eventually, she stepped down from office.

The British royal family, (or rather all European royal families) has been marrying its own family members for hundreds of years. In fact, Queen Elizabeth and King Charles were actually third cousins. Although this practice can cause health issues for the children of two consanguineous parents, one can only assume that the British Royal Family, which has been inbreeding for centuries, has concentrated some sort of “royal gene” with each marriage between its family members. Queen Elizabeth, who was part of the British royal family, must have had this gene.

Due to this “royal gene”, Queen Elizabeth may have sensed Britain’s collapse under Truss, causing her death. This is a completely valid hypothesis as we know that Queen Elizabeth came into contact with Truss when she was appointed (she literally kissed the Queen’s hands), which could have “set off” the Queen’s “royal gene.” Such a gene may have the properties of precognition. The Queen must have thought that this was the best possible time to die, as she did not want to live through Truss’s failure as Prime Minister and eventual resignation. We know that the Queen’s “royal gene” must have caused, or at least influenced her death as her doctors cited the Queen’s death to “old age”. Not wanting to reveal the royal family’s secret, this would have been the most straightforward approach for the Queen’s doctors.

Luckily, with the appointment of a new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, a few days ago, Britain is hopefully on a road to a better future. King Charles will hopefully remain in good health for a few more years to come.