New Year’s Resolution

New Years Resolution

This new year at Hidden Valley, several students are creating habits for their 2023 resolutions that they choose to keep until the end of the year. In the new year, people like to have a change and make things better for themselves so, they set a resolution. They either write it down or remember it and attempt to stick to it until the end of the year. Many students may stick with it or not stay on track with their resolutions, but some others may not make any at all. I spoke with a few students on this topic and their answers may not be what many people expect.

“I want to maintain a healthy sleep schedule,” shared Hayleigh Lambert (10).

Students are setting different standards for their well-being throughout this new year. Some students think that once they start this goal it’s going to be hard to stick with it till the end.

“I will hopefully have the honor role by the end of this year,” said Ava Tiney (10).

I think that if students start these goals and don’t stick with them, unhealthy habits might become a norm. If students stick with these set goals they can acheive what they want to. I think as days and months pass by, students will secure positive aspects throughout their daily lives. I believe as a student, that there can be so many turning points in what decisions or set goals students choose to make. It could possibly be negative or result in positive turnovers in every person’s daily life.