The Best Christmas Lights

The Best Christmas Lights

In December, at Hidden Valley High school students decorate their homes to have the best lights in the district. To celebrate the snowy season, students decorate and set up different scenes of lights with their friends and family. Students’ families get together and set up Christmas trees and colored lights around their homes and in their backyards this year.

“I set up my family’s Christmas tree and lights all by myself”, Isabella Desimone said. (12).

I’ve seen more Christmas lights in Roanoke County than in the city of Roanoke. The guardrails near the blue ridge parkway were wrapped with sparkly yellow lights. When driving near the district of Hidden Valley I saw beautiful light trees outside backyards and lit up bushes with colors like green and red. Houses near Electric road are the best competition to any festive drive in lights, and for free! They have numerous amounts of lights in this area that create scenes of minions and large letters spelling Merry Christmas.

“I saw a scene that you had to turn to a radio station and listen to the music the house was playing, the house had signs that showed it”, Isabella Desimone said. (12)

I personally love the lights I see while driving by houses because the beautiful lights seem never ending and transport you into a world full of Christmas spirit. The one thing I love most about the Christmas lights is when houses have windows and you can see the Christmas trees within the homes. If you love the Christmas spirit I recommend you go by electric road and take a look at the lights!