Running to States

Cross-country teams racing to the finish line.

Cross-country teams racing to the finish line.

This 2022-2023 school year at Hidden Valley High School, the boys and girls cross-country teams hope to advance to the State Meet. This accomplishment requires hard work, strength, toughness, and determination. “I hope to succeed the more I continue working with the boys cross-country team,” shared Noah Settle(11).

As the team continues to prepare for upcoming meets, they work to improve and increase their chances of advancing to States. “I think the boys cross-country team will make it to States this year,” Settle said, enthusiastic about the upcoming season.

Qualifying for States is the overall goal for any sports team, and the girls cross-country team has faith and confidence that they will be able to make it. “I would be so happy and proud of my team if we make it to states this year” shared Sadie Wagner(12).

The top five runners from the top two teams in the region go to States. If they continue to do well this season, both of the cross-country teams hope to be stepping up to the line at the State competition in November. As they continue to put effort into their training, the teams aspire to accomplish their end goal of being able to run at States and do their best.