HS Love on Tour


Harry Edward Styles blew up 2010 shortly after going on the X-Factor and meeting his band members. They came together and started One Direction. One Direction became very famous very fast. Their first album went viral. With the other band members Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn, the band took off. They all got along well and were like brothers. However, Zayn broke apart from the band, but there were no hard feelings with the other members. This was just the start of their careers.  

Harry Styles released his own personal album “HS1” without the band members in 2017 and went on tour. The album blew up very quickly with being the first album since the band had broken up. People went crazy to see Harry on tour and were so excited. This was Harry’s first tour since One Direction. This tour was called “Harry Styles, Live on Tour.”  

Two years later, Harry released his second album called “Fine Line.” Fine Line blew up as well, coming from Harry Styles it was expected. Harry planned a tour called “Love on Tour” however, the pandemic prohibited it from being in 2020. The tour dates were postponed to 2021.  

The first tour date for Love on Tour happened on September 4th, 2021. The fans went crazy with his amazing outfits and from playing some of his old music. However, this changed when the song “To be so lonely” wasn’t on the set list for the tour. Fans quickly got over it when seeing him in concert. One that I personally went to was in Raleigh, North Carolina on October 12th. Styles wore a pink top, pink pants, black suspenders and pink heart glasses. The tour was a wild experience, losing my voice was worth it. The band members he had on stage did not get nearly as much recognition as they deserved. The played wonderful throughout the entire tour and managed to stay put together.  

The last date of the tour was November 28th, 2021. Fans were so sad to see it end; however, this was only the USA part of Love on Tour. Fans are so excited to witness the next time Styles goes on tour.