Opinions On 2022’s Homecoming


Homecoming hallways at Hidden Valley High School.

Homecoming is approaching fast at Hidden Valley High School, with the date set for September 24th

During last year’s homecoming at Hidden Valley High School, there were many Covid-19 restrictions students and staff had to follow, in order to be safe during homecoming. Students were required to stay outside most of the time because too many people in one area caused the virus to spread easily.

Mr. Hunt believes homecoming will be different this year since we won’t have to follow Covid-19 restrictions anymore.

“Homecoming is going to be much different. We will not have the Covid restriction we had last year, and we will still be doing activities outside because it is fun to be outside in a different environment.”

A student from Hidden Valley High School, Israel Guerrero, believed that last year’s homecoming wasn’t enjoyable because it wasn’t entertaining and not as many people attended as he thought would.

“Last year’s homecoming was pretty good, but it wasn’t very entertaining. I expected to see more people there.”

Homecoming helps to provide a positive environment. It’s a great way to socialize and it will keep students talking about Hidden Valley’s success of homecoming all year long.

Mr. Hunt says “Homecoming is good for classes to socialize and bond.  It is a good way for friends to bond, and it is a great place for people to make new friends.”

Guerrero agrees that homecoming will go great this year because he gets to spend time with friends and enjoy the beverages provided at homecoming.

“I think homecoming will go very well this year because I get to socialize with friends, take pictures, and drink the drinks that are provided.”

Overall, both Mr. Hunt and Israel Guerrero give positive implements about this year’s upcoming homecoming at Hidden Valley High School.