Students’ Perspectives on the Hidden Valley Art Show


The HVHS art show was similar to this one.

Hidden Valley’s art show from 4/15-4/21 featured a variety of student work from Art, Graphic Design, and Photography classes. Artwork displayed included drawings, paintings, photography, and graphic design prints. The art show showcased the hard work of students throughout the school year.

In Graphic Design, “we use mediums like photoshop, illustrator… it’s kind of creative”, said 9th grader Sanya Tumbde. Students created digital designs and infographics, such as the Titan Traits posters seen around the school. “My teacher Mr. Cubberly, gave us prompts and ideas to work on but the inspiration is up to us”, said Sanya. 12th grader Carmen Rosser mentioned that “most of the time it’s just all in my head.”

Hidden Valley’s Photography class revolves around photo composition, design techniques, and using digital software to edit photos. “We mostly use Lightroom, [which does] some basic photo retouching,” said freshman Miya Morton. Photos displayed at the art show included collages, and still lives, most of which had a central theme.

Art class at Hidden Valley involves a variety of materials and processes, including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, and graphic design. Pieces ranging from realistic still lives to abstract environments were all displayed there. “I particularly liked the realism drawings”, said Miya Morton. “[There was one painting of a forest], it was interesting how it was very mysterious..  you could tell what it was, [although] the trees never touched the ground.”

Both Graphic Design students thought the art show was a success, with Carmen stating that the art show was one of their “biggest successes… [k]nowing that people are gonna see my artworks and how hard I’ve been working on them.” “[Creating art] helps calm down and relax…,” said Carmen, “it’s been helping me through a tough time in my life.”

“By succeeding, you’re having fun, learning lots, helping others improve too,” said Sanya. She enjoyed showcasing her art and getting inspiration from the projects of other art students.

When asked about what she thought about the art show, Miya responded with a neutral attitude. “I showed [my artwork to] my grandparents, and they were like ‘Oh, I like that’. They especially like the one I had taken of their dog.” “I think that all the students’ artwork… it was all really good,” said Miya.

While this year’s art show has proven to be a success, some suggestions for the experience have been made. As for what to change next year, Miya would appreciate “organizing it a little better… I was wandering around all this stuff… [arranged] haphazardly.” The artwork was indeed arranged strangely, often with pieces from the same class positioned far away from each other. Hopefully, next year, with more structure to the experience, the art show will be an even more enjoyable event.