Jeremy Renner’s Hospitalization

Jeremy Renners Hospitalization

On January 1st, 2023, Jeremy Renner was hospitalized with severe injuries after a snowplow accident. He was attempting to help a family member’s stuck car when the vehicle ran over him. He was quickly airlifted to the nearby hospital and underwent two surgeries the next day, suffering orthopedic injuries and chest trauma. It is reported that he broke over thirty bones and was in critical condition for several days before stabilizing. 

Worth Paisley (11), a fan of Renner’s acting in his most famous role (Hawkeye in The Avengers), was “…really sad to hear [about the accident].” He explained he was “glad to hear he was okay” and hoped “he’s having a good time with his family and gets back to the screen soon.” Renner was released from the hospital a week ago and is now completing his recovery in the comfort of his home. 

Paul Sealey (11), also enjoys Renner’s Hawkeye character and feels “he’s very down to Earth and feels more real than most of the other characters in the films.” He was also happy to hear Renner was on the path to recovery. 

In conclusion, Renner was in a terrible accident but is now out of the hospital and receiving the treatment he needs to eventually be back on his feet. People are hoping for his quick recovery and return to acting.