Vivienne Westwood Death


Vivienne Westwood, born April 8th, 1941, was a very notable and creative fashion designer that influenced the industry for years. She recently passed away December 29th, 2022, in the United Kingdom. Some of her known collections include, her bridal dresses, her corset collection, and her storm in a teacup collection.

Aimee Leong is a sophomore at Hidden Valley Highschool who is very interested in fashion. “I really like grunge sort of look and aesthetic. I think it looks very cool,” she says when asked about her favorite fashion style. Aimee says that “I do like fashion, and I really like Vivienne Westwood’s creativity. I think it’s very pretty and I like how it’s represented in fashion and how so many people are able to see it and be inspired by it”. She also mentions on how some of her favorite pieces by Vivienne are her corsets because “They look very chic and modern while also playing into the sort of old timey look and I think that’s very fashionable.”

Aimee also expresses her deep sadness for the death of the designer. With such an important and iconic fashion designer passing so recently, people wonder what this means for the future of the fashion industry. “I think it means that we will have one less great designer working to show us the future of what fashion holds and how it can change society just by itself”. During her time, many were brought joy and inspired by her works. People interested in fashion will continue to be motivated by her work.