Rihanna’s Halftime Performance

Rihannas Halftime Performance

The Superbowl’s Halftime performance this year was led by a pop star that hasn’t been seen on stage in quite some time. In a spectacular reintroduction to the music industry, Rihanna performed her greatest hits for the captivated audience.  

Bringing out old hits like “We Found Love” and “Umbrella,” Rihanna provided a slick and smooth halftime performance. While the choreography could’ve been more enthusiastic, Rihanna’s second pregnancy and vocal technique made it unnecessary for her to give a dance heavy performance. She has already proved herself to be a talented musician and kept the focus on her unforgettable songs that have climbed up the charts. The energy built up perfectly as Rihanna started with songs that drew the audience in before making the speakers explode with her best dance hits.  

The halftime performance was a big hit with the students at Hidden Valley High. Natalie McGrath (11), said she “liked [Rihanna’s] song Umbrella and the dancers” she also thought it was “cool that the Barbadian singer used the performance as her pregnancy announcement. ” Katie Brewer (11) elaborated on that and said she “…really enjoyed Umbrella” and hopes for new music but doesn’t think it will come for a few more years.