A New Knives Out!

The Glass Onion is a humorous mystery that keeps viewers on the edges of their seats.

The Glass Onion is a humorous mystery that keeps viewers on the edges of their seats.

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has recently arrived on Netflix on December 23rd, 2022, after its initial release into theaters on September 10th. Directed by Rian Johnson, it featured the mystery, comedy, and drama that defines the Knives Out saga. Daniel Craig returns to the franchise, with Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, and Dave Bautista being some of the actors and actresses shown alongside him.

The film opens with a rambunctious party, thrown by minor celebrity and socialite Birdie Jay (Hudson). There, she receives a mysterious box, identical to the ones that each of her friends had also received. The recipients of the boxes video-chat and work together to open them, revealing an invitation. From there, the audience meets Detective Benoit Blanc (Craig) and Cassandra “Andi” Brand (Monáe), both of whom opened their invitations separate from the other partygoers.

The characters do not meet face-to-face until they arrive at the dock, from which they are taken by boat to a tropical, resort-like private island. It is revealed that this is an annual trip which the friends take, and that Detective Benoit Blanc has never been invited before. Andi is visibly more reserved than the rest of the group, choosing to remain alone when not participating in awkward conversations with the other friends. Once on the island, Miles Bron (Norton) introduces himself as the man who called them all together. According to Bron, the island is entirely empty except for them, and at the center of the island is what they call “The Glass Onion,” a large glass dome. He also explains that the weekend will be dedicated to a mystery game where the participants capture his pretend-killer and solve his murder.

The movie follows with dramatic twists, shocking confessions, and an end that only true murder mystery fans could predict. The Glass Onion is the perfect addition to the Knives Out franchise. With the star-studded cast, hilarious storyline, beautiful scenery, and epic events, this film was bound to be noteworthy. Easy to follow, it is a good family movie with something for everyone. While some of the scenes were far-fetched or impractical, the movie was great overall. I give The Glass Onion 8 out of 10 shields for its complex setting and simple plotline.