Everything Everything Book Review

September 1, 2015, the book Everything Everything was released. This is a story about romanticism and mystery. The setting takes place in Los Angeles, California. A girl named Madeline Whittier lives with her mom (Pauline Whittier) and her nurse Carla. Maddy lives her life with a terrible disease, called SCID meaning she is virtually allergic to everything.

The book starts off with a boy named Olly moving next door to Madeline (Maddy). He lives with his mom, dad, and sister. One day, Maddy notices out her window that there’s screaming and crying next door. “Olly watched the color fade in the glass and remembered the day his dad beat his mom and how he’d be too afraid to confront him.” He climbs to his roof in the darkness to be alone as Maddy Whittier is still watching him from inside her window.

Olly notices Maddy as Maddy notices Olly and Maddy gets a feeling she’s never felt before. They exchange emails and continue to get closer as days pass by. Carla, Maddy’s nurse, lets Olly come over one day while Pauline is at work even though she knew Pauline would not approve of this. “Maddy ten feet apart,” Carla says. Maddy’s mom finds out, fires Carla, and grounds Maddy.

Maddy and Olly have restricted home lives. They both get risky and leave together on a trip to Hawaii for a couple of days, but Maddy gets sick her last day there. “Her heart stopped” when she was rushed to the hospital in Hawaii but discovered it wasn’t SCID, only a viral infection. Maddy found out that her mom had been lying to her her whole life because her husband and son died in a car crash when Maddy was only 5 months old, and she was afraid something would happen to Maddy and she would have to live alone for the rest of her life. She is able to forgive her mom and move on while she continues her life with the boy next-door.

This book has many plot twists that keeps readers on the edge of their seat. If you like suspenseful, romantic novels, you are sure to enjoy this book.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Will Recommend