Season 3 ‘You’


Season 3 of “You” is a Netflix original series, starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg/ Will Bettleheim and Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn, the main characters on the show. The first season of the show aired in September of 2018, with the second season following in December of 2019, and the third in October of 2021. The show became a fan favorite with people so excited to watch.

Season 3 of the series starts off following the end of season 2, where Love finds out she is pregnant, and it becomes clear that Love and Joe are very alike in their murderous ways. They move into a suburban house and this is where season 3 starts off. In the first episode Joe meets his new neighbor Natalie (Michaela McManus), and ends up following her around. Being married to Love, does not change any of this for him. They still have their child, and the couple seems to be doing better.

Eventually the show continues with Joe using his stalker ways on Natalie, while also sending his ex-neighbor Ellie money, after Love kills Ellies older sister Delilah in season 2. Well things take a turn, ending up in Love killing Natalie, the new neighbor Joe was getting close to. Love does not fully trust Joe, and she has her reasons.

The ending of the show takes an even bigger turn that nobody expected. In the last episode, Love tries to inject Joe with poison to kill him. However, this attempt failed. Joe ends up taking the poison that Love tried to inject him with, and he injects her killing her instantly. The show ends in Joe abandoning their son, Henry, and fleeing the country.

I enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone wanting to watch. I would probably rate this show a 5/5 shields. The show is always changing and it very exciting and thrilling to watch, while also being scary and horrifying at times.