A New Face Joins Hidden Valley Math Department


Mr. Wilson, the new Algebra II teacher at Hidden Valley High School, is very excited to be joining our school.

Mr. Wilson always knew he wanted to become at teacher, at least since the age of 15. He enjoyed teaching martial arts classes as a teenager. He always loved math. He enjoyed the hard and difficult parts, which made it more exciting to him.

“Math is a hard subject; I’m not denying that. Which means it makes it harder to teach, which I find fun. I always enjoyed math and ever since I was a student, and I was always the kid in class that other students would go to when they were having trouble with their math homework,” Mr. Wilson (Math).

After he graduated from high school, Mr. Wilson attended Roanoke College, and is currently enrolled in his last semester class. Teaching high school students while simultaneously finishing college can be difficult; however, Mr. Wilson enjoys the atmosphere at Hidden Valley.

“I really enjoy Hidden Valley. The staff is wonderful and very supportive of each other. There is a support system found here for new teachers that are not found at many schools,” Mr. Wilson (Math).

As Mr. Wilson gets settled into the new environment, he is excited to be teaching high school students. He is inspired by their desire to continue to learn. He loves seeing other children achieving accomplishments.

“I love working with young people, and it brings me joy to watch them grow and learn. It makes me proud when they are happy with themselves and are excited over their various accomplishments,” Mr. Wilson (Math).