Twisted Series Book Review


Twisted Book Series By Ana Huang

Sarah Skime, reporter

The twisted book series by Ana Huang has been very popular since the first book came out. There are a total of four books in the series. The books are: Twisted Love, Twisted Games, Twisted Hate, and Twisted Lies. All four books came out within a span of two years and have been very popular since then. The books revolve around a group of four best friends in their college years. Each book tells each of the four girl’s stories when it came to finding the one. Whether it was before, during, or after college, each one of them found their soulmate.

The first book (Twisted Love) is the story of Ava Chen and Alex Volkov. It is a forced proximity, brother’s best friend, and neighbor romance. Their story deals with childhood trauma for them both. In the book it explains what happened to them as kids, how it has affected them, and how they deal with it now. They both have a hard time with their problems but together they feel like they can do anything.

The second book (Twisted Games) is the story of Bridget von Ascheburg and Rhys Larsen. It is a princess and a bodyguard romance. They are forced to spend time together and they eventually start to catch feelings. Bridget is second in line to the throne after her brother and she is living her life in Washington D.C. like a normal college girl with her friends. She has been living her best life until her brother announces that he is abdicating which makes Bridget the crown princess. She never wanted to be Queen and now she must start preparing to be something she never wanted. Rhys is there for her the whole way through and the fall in love in the process. They are there for each other the whole way through even when their relationship is in jeopardy.

The third book (Twisted Hate) is the story of Jules Ambrose and Josh Chen. It is an enemy’s romance. Josh is Ava’s brother and Jules is her best friend. They always hated each other but one day they find out they are volunteering at the same clinic and they are dreading spending time with each other. One day they get to talking and realize that they start to like one another but neither of them will admit it. Eventually they both admit it and they start dating. Josh is there when Jules is dealing with the demons of her past and helps her get the closure that she always wanted. Josh is going through a lot of problems with his dad and is debating if he wants to visit him in jail. After seeing Jules gets the closure she always wanted he decides to do the same. Jules has a secret that she has been hiding from Josh that could jeopardize everything that they have. She has to find a way out from her past but it will ruin everything with Josh if she agrees to the condition that were made for her to escape her past.

The fourth and final book (Twisted Lies) is the story of Stella Alonso and Christian Harper. Their story is an arranged romance. Stella is a social media influencer and Christian is a billionaire that runs a security company. They set up a fake relationship with each other for work reasons. Stella needs a boyfriend to gain more followers on her platforms so she can get better advertising deals and Christian needs a girlfriend to take to work events. Stella is dealing with a stalker and Christian helps her find her stalker. The stalker gets dangerous and breaks into her apartment and Christian tells her to move in with him and when they start living together they start to catch feelings for each other and start to date. Christian betrays her trust and Stella moves out and breaks up with him. Her stalker kidnaps her and Christian finds her and kills her stalker and they start their relationship from the beginning. At the end of the book, it show all they characters from all the books and where they are years later.