Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Lilly Hatfield, Reporter

Fashion models from around the globe gathered to attend the annual Paris Fashion week in France this past week. Celebrities including Doja Cat and BTS came together wearing name brands such as Swarovski and Louis Vuitton. People at home watched various fashion shows and paid attention not only to the runway, but also to the audience.

Abby Wanek says, “Fashion week is a great way to showcase new ideas and designs, but brands need to start actually using this opportunity to try new things within fashion rather than sticking to the basic beige and outfits that have been done many times before.” This week sheds light on the fashion industry and inspires fashion for years to come.

However, these fashion looks don’t only inspire, but also tell people what fashion trends should be left behind. One of the most apparent looks this year was by Doja Cat. She showed up in 30,000 individual Swarovski crystals placed from her head to her toe.

Some of the most infamous fashion weeks include Paris, New York, London, and others. These weeks spread around the world and have been around since 1943, and fashionista’s look forward to each week each year.