You Season 4


Penn Badgely, The main actor in the series ‘You’

The popular Netflix series “You” recently just released the 1st part of their 4th season on February 9th, 2023. The 2nd part releases on March 9th, 2023.

The show has one main character Joe Goldberg, who changed his name many times throughout the show. Each season is based around him stalking and chasing a girl. The show starts off with Joe, who moved to England, running after a girl named Marianne. He ends up chasing her wherever she goes just to find out she wants nothing to do with him and fears him.

Throughout the show, Joe ends up in a crowd of snobby rich people who use substances constantly. Joe ends up thinking he killed someone, due to not remembering what happened while he was under the influence. He previously had an issue with constantly killing and hurting people because he was addicted to drugs and alcohol, but he wants to change and has no idea what to do next.

In the last episode of part 1, it is revealed that Joe did not kill his friends. Although this is a relief, the episode still ends in a cliffhanger, making watchers eager for the next episode.

Overall, the fourth season is a lot different than the other seasons have been and is set up like a murder mystery type of show. In my opinion, the acting was great, and it had a good plot, so I rate it 4/5 shields.