Midnights, Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift’s Tik Tok Series.

Taylor Swift released her 10th album on October 21st, 2022, called Midnights. Swift had not released new songs in 2 years, due to the fact that she had to do her recordings.

Each of Taylor Swift’s albums are a different era for her and the fans. In total she has had 10 eras that all represent a different time in her life. Midnights represents her sleepless nights, insecurities, and her struggles. Swift also announced her upcoming tour called ‘Eras Tour’ representing all her eras from her first album to her most recent.

Midnights has 13 songs: “Lavender Haze,” “Maroon,” “Anti-Hero,” “Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey),” “You’re On Your Own Kid,” “Midnight Rain,” “Question…?,” “Vigilante S#!?,” “Bejeweled,” “Labyrinth, Karma,” “Sweet Nothing,” and “Mastermind.” However, Midnights (3am Version) has 7 bonus songs: “The Great War,” “Bigger Than The Whole Sky,” “Paris,” “High Infidelity,” “Glitch,” “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve,” and “Dear Reader.”

You can also buy Midnights (Lavender Edition) with 3 bonus songs “Hits Different,” “You’re On Your Own Kid (Strings Remix),” and “Sweet Nothing (Piano Remix).” This edition is only available at Target, not on any streaming platforms.

All in all, I think that Midnights is by far one of her best albums. I think that a lot of people expected more of her previous 2 eras to be like this album, but every time she releases an album her whole era changes. The album gets a lot of hate for being different, but I think that it is in my top 3 of her albums. I give this album 5/5 shields.