Princess Diana’s Death 25 Years Later

Princess Dianas legacy lives long past her death.

Princess Diana’s legacy lives long past her death.

Lilly Hatfield, Reporter

September 6th, 2022, marks 25 years since Diana, the Princess of Wales, was buried in the garden of her childhood home after she passed in a tragic car accident. 

Born on July 1st of 1961, Diana Frances Spencer was destined to royalty. Growing up on Queen Elizabeth II’s land, she was almost always surrounded by royals but that didn’t stop her from becoming her own person. She began dating Prince Charles in 1980, and shortly got married a year later. After her marriage she decided to use her new status to spread good around the world through charities and awareness towards subjects that needed the support. 

“She was an incredible advocate for HIV/AIDS research in the beginning phases of that disease, as well as being brave enough to meet with and embrace HIV and AIDS patients at a time when many were too scared to interact with those patients,” said Mrs. Weaver, a history teacher at HVHS. 

She continued to break stereotypes with her influential advocacy and worked hard to make a mark on the world. Her marriage began to go  downhill and the two separated in 1992.  Diana decided to use her divorce   as an opportunity to spread awareness on mental health issues after she developed bulimia. Four years later her divorce was finalized and she was allowed to keep her title as the Princess of Wales. 

Then, on August 31st, 1997, her car crashed inside of the Alma tunnel in Paris, France, killing her, the driver, and her new boyfriend. She initially suffered from a concussion, a broken arm, a cut thigh, and severe chest injuries, but ended up succumbing to internal bleeding. 

Following her death, people continued to call her the “people’s princess” because of her lasting effect. 

Mrs. Weaver also said, “I would say she personally inspired me to always remain true to myself and know my worth. She also embodied many characteristics of a mother that I feel I try to model for my children as well.”