Dana White


Justin Autrum, reaporter

Dana White slapped his wife on New Year’s at a party. He and his wife were filmed while having an argument and during the argument Dana’s wife slapped him to which he responded back with a slap. Both he and his wife admitted to it and apologized for their actions. Both blamed it on the high amount of alcohol that they both had consumed.

Nicholas, 11, said “I don’t believe in violence to handle any situation. Even if it was someone else, he should not have slapped them because violence is not good.”

Dana White met his wife when they were in eighth grade, and they got married in 1996 and have three kids together. Dana White began boxing at 17 and became friends with a former Golden Gloves champion. This relationship is what made White decide he wanted to enter the fighting business. White initially wanted to be a professional boxer but he stopped when he saw a boxer with CTE. White became worried that he would suffer through the same, so he worked as a coach. When White moved to Las Vegas he continued running boxing gyms and began earning jiu-jitsu.

Anthony, 11, said “It is a bad situation on both parts neither one of them should have hit each other. Also, he should not have hit her considering he is bigger than she is and is more experienced with fighting and whatnot with all the training he has done. Me personally I would never do that.”