NBA 2K23 Review


Justin Autrum, Reporter

The only officially licensed NBA and WNBA basketball game, NBA 2k23, came out recently. This high-quality game makes it have certain expectations. NBA 2K is a basketball game where you have the option to make your own player. You also have the option to play as a former or current player in the NBA or WNBA. When you make your own player, you can go through a story mode and observe the life as an NBA or WNBA player. You can also use your own character and play against other players that people have made online.

The main issue that 2K faces each year is that the game can be like previous versions. It is very hard to add new things to a video game that’s main purpose is to play basketball. To change this, 2K brought back the Jordan Challenges which haven’t been in the game since NBA 2K11. These additions made to the Jordan Challenges include more challenges than there was last time. Some of the new challenges include going through Jordans college years, including the year he won the NCAA championship.

Some other new additions to the gameplay include newer and more realistic animations and different ways to view the game when you are playing it. They also added some features to the game to make a bigger difference between skilled players and not skilled players. They did this by adding the adrenaline boost which gives three adrenalines per possession. This separates the skilled and not skilled because a more skilled player will use the boost more efficiently than an unskillful would.

The only big problem with 2K23 is how it heavily favors the players who spend more money on the game. Every mode where you can play against other players online you can pay to make your player or team better. Making those modes more about who is willing to spend more money to be better at the game, rather than them being good at the game. That is a problem 2K faces every year, but this year the game has been improved.