NFL Season Preview


Justin Autrum, Reaporter

The 2022-23 NFL season is about to start with the 32 NFL teams competing in a total of 272 regular season games across four countries (America, England, Germany, and Mexico) with all the teams having the same goal of winning the Super Bowl.

For some teams winning the Super Bowl is more realistic than it is for others, but nobody knows how the season is going to go. For example, year’s Super Bowl between the Bengals and Rams. The Rams were viewed as a team that could make the playoff run. The Bengals were not expected to make the playoffs.

There are many factors that go into team prediction, like bias. When a person likes a team, they want the team to do well, and when a person dislikes a team, they do not want them to do well. For example, Cowboy fans always say that the Cowboy’s will have the best year, despite that they never do.   Then there are fans of teams like the Jets or the Browns who never think that they are going to win because they are more realistic.

When interviewed about the 2022-23 NFL season Brady Bartlett 11th said “The Patriots are my favorite team and I hope that they win the Super Bowl. They were a good team last year making it into the playoffs. I hope that they are an even better team than last year and win the Super Bowl but if they don’t, then I think the Rams will repeat as champions by beating the Raiders in the Super Bowl.”

When Anthony Dunn 11th grade was interviewed about the NFL season he said “The Colts are my favorite team and they did not make the playoffs last year, but they made good additions to the team over the offseason so hopefully they will be better and at least make the playoffs. I don’t think that they will make it to the Super Bowl, I think that the Super Bowl will be between the Buccaneers and the Bills, but I do not know who would win that matchup.”

Most teams that made the playoffs last year will make it again but there are some teams that probably won’t.  Teams like the Packers, Cowboys, Titians, and the Steelers are the teams are not likely to make it. The teams that are likely to take their place are the Colts, Chargers, Vikings, and the Bears. All the other teams will have losing records or have a winning record and be close to making the playoffs but will miss the playoffs.