New Gym Teacher

New Gym Teacher

Justin Autrum, Reporter

There are a ton of new faces at Hidden Valley High School for the 2022-23 school year and that includes Mr. Maus, our new gym teacher!

Some might wonder why Mr. Maus might want to teach physical education and when asked, Maus replied, “earlier inspiration.” Mr. Maus believes that teachers have a big impact on students’ lives and thought the job would suit him well.

“My gym teacher that I had in high school would always brighten people’s day and he really uplifted people’s spirits. I really enjoyed his class, and he had a huge impact on my life.”

When a student of Maus’s class was asked what he thought of the new gym teacher, they replied, “Mr. Maus is one of the best gym teachers that I’ve had, and he always finds a way to make the class fun. Even when we have to do the tests for the class like the pacer test. Mr. Maus also lets us play basketball at the end of every class.”

Mr. Maus tries his best to embody his high school gym cause of how much he inspired him and hopes to be like him. “I hope that I can affect my students in a positive way, just like the way my gym teacher did. I hope I can have a similar impact on at least one of my students the way my teacher had an impact on me.”

Mr. Maus is very excited for his first year of teaching and to be teaching at Hidden Valley and hopes to stay here.