The Coronavirus: What Is It?

The Coronavirus: What Is It?

Annika Almond, Reporter

In January of 2020, a newly discovered respiratory infection, similar to SARS, was quickly spreading across china and the neighboring countries.

“I don’t think people are in panic mode yet, but I am concerned that I’ve seen news reports of people who are angry and worried.” Rika Shores (school nurse).

The coronavirus is a respiratory infection that has caused the deaths of 1,018 Asian citizens.

“I feel like china, often times, downplays the significance of some of these illnesses.” Rika Shores (school nurse).

Though there aren’t many cases appearing in the US, there are some and it is still spreading.

“They could have had a tighter airline security and stopped all shipping to other countries, but there are only a few cases in the US.” Malia Hawthorne (11).

This is not the first illness to quickly spread across China, some example of past outbreaks include SARS in 2003 and the bird flu in 2005.