Hidden Cultures Night


Hidden Cultures night occurred on Tuesday November 18th. The event was hosted by Diversity Club and DECA. Diversity club dedicated itself to the challenge of spreading diversity throughout the Hidden Valley High school community. The goal of the night was help to bring awareness to the different cultures of Hidden Valley.

“I think Diversity Club is one of the very important clubs in Hidden Valley educating people on cultures,” said Savanna Donathan, French Teacher.

The night consisted of food from different countries such as Columbia, South Africa, Pakistan and many others. The Pakistani table had samosas and fried plantains. There was also Chai, a type of herbal tea. The South African table had a tea time food called koeksisters, made by frying dough and dipping it in sugar syrup. There were many more tables for other countries, including Italy where bread and oil were provided for dipping. This set up allowed for people to both try and enjoy foods from all over the world.

Along with the amazing cultural food, there were experiences like salsa dancing. Around 7:30, salsa dancing began in the lunch room. The performance was a fun way to allow people with diverse family backgrounds to view the elements of salsa dancing.

Overall the night provided an educational and fun night for all ages. Students and faculty alike enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere provided by Diversity Club, DECA, and all other participators.