Storming Area 51

Mubeen Nisar, Staff Reporter

On June 19th 2019, a plan to storm the government base, Area 51, was devised. It all started on Facebook when Matty Roberts, a twenty year old from Bakersfield, California, created a group headlined “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All”.

“It was trending on Twitter; I liked the pictures and I liked the concept. It was fun seeing everyone’s theories and stories of what they wanted to see happen,” said Chelynn Hairston (12).

The plan was set for September 20th, and everyone who said they would attend were supposed to show up and storm the base. Multiple groups of people would enter through different sides of the base one by one and in the end take over, they would Naruto run inside, and they expected to find various secrets such as advanced technologies, hand sanitizer which kills 100% of germs, and alien creatures.

“I feel that the Area 51 raid was a completely relevant part f our American history and it is crucial for us citizens to recognize the secrecy our government continues to take part in,” said Sophia Bone (12).

“I thought it was something I mean, it was just a joke I don’t know why people did it,” said Levi Holmes (12).

In the end, the event happened, but not as planned. Not nearly as many people who pledged to carry out the deed showed up. No one actually raided the base but instead those who did show up stood outside the main gate in unity. They chanted and held signs while the police guarded the gate in case anything escalated. There were a few arrests and stern warnings from the Police but when everything was done it ended smoothly. People have mixed opinions of what went down, saying they either hoped for more or that it was an event which proved online dedication.

“Out of about two million people, only one hundred-fifty people showed up and just stood there. This is an outrage. I’m upset and I wanted to know what aliens lie beneath those doors. Thank you,” said Aubrey Hodges (12).

“I loved it but I was disappointed because nothing happened in the end,” said Merima Adanalic (12).

“I feel like it was a very bad decision that all these kids went there. May their souls rest in peace,” said Brice Morrison (12).