Dress Code

Each school year, students are reminded and reeducated on the county-wide dress code policy that they are required to follow. This year the dress code policy has change from previous years. The dress code now is considered gender neutral. The dress code now has no specific indications of which gender it applies to.

“I’m glad about the change in dress code it makes feel more comfortable to wear what I want,” said Anna Bashore.

The main changes in the dress code includes changes in the neckline and pants these apply to everyone. The necklines in shirts have to have shoulder straps and cover one armpit to the other. Pants have to have a 3 inch inseam which is the length in the inner thigh to the bottom of the pants. Dress code used to have more of a student specification such as the pants length had to be fingertip length.

“The dress code is now, to me is more fair than it was before,” said Aubrey Hodges.

The basic things about the dress code stayed the same such as the content on clothing. Clothing cannot depict inappropriate conduct such as violence, drug use, profanity, or gang symbols. Clothing or accessories that can harm staff or students. The students at Hidden Valley have overall mixed opinions on the changes in dress code but it is necessary for student safety.