Summer to Fall fashion

Anna Bashore's (12) eveyday summer to fall wear.

Anna Bashore's (12) eveyday summer to fall wear.

Farah Iqbal, Editor

As the leaves begin to turn red, the mornings get chillier, and the season starts to change, just like the style. At Hidden Valley High School, students use fashion as a way to express themselves, and as summer ends and fall approaches, it is peak time to show off individual seasonal style.

Anna Bashore (12) said “I like to get style influence from Pinterest and Instagram.” People like to pin and post outfits on style designated accounts.

When transitioning from season to season, warmer colors like maroon, mustard yellow, and moss green are popularly worn. Knit sweaters, cardigans, crewnecks, and turtlenecks start to become more in style again.

Zane Farmer (12) said his go to outfit for this time of year is “any kind of baggy sweaters and jeans”

Showing personality through style is a popular way for many to express themselves, with the wide selection of clothes in stores these days, it’s common to see students in unique clothing pieces and colors.

Farmer (12) is interested in fashion because “it’s just a way of showing what you like, showing your personality.”

The students at Hidden Valley show their sense of fashion in many different ways. The time between summer and fall is the best time of the year to how an individual sense of fashion and unique style.