“Save the Next Girl”

Natalie Sowers, staff reporter

Save the Next Girl is a club that helps people, especially teenagers, defend themselves from predators.
“It’s basically about making people, in general, aware of their surroundings, paying more attention to
where they are and how to handle bad situations. We want our teens to be safe,” said Carla Ponn,
HVHS Health and P.E. teacher and “Save the Next Girl” sponsor.
Students need to understand that unfortunate situations happen all the time. Travelling in groups and
knowing how to use protective devices like pepper spray are things that most teenagers are aware, but
don’t necessarily abide by. “Students need to be aware of situations that exist in the real world. I have
had a few situations myself, not to mention that I have a daughter; therefore, I have a personal interest
in Save the Next Girl,” said Ponn.
Many people have a hard time discussing these topics, because it can be upsetting. However, we need
to not only help ourselves, but also those around us. “I want to help anyone who’s willing to learn,
teach them ways that they can protect themselves so no one has to go through what I have,” said Ponn.
Ultimately, Save the Next Girl is a club that every female in the school should join. Hopefully, nobody in
this school will encounter the dangers that predators represent; but if they do, it would be better to be
prepared. Stay safe out there.