Archery Club

Archery Club

Sophia Clemmer and Mattie Miller

Archery club is a tight nit group of competitive students that are hoping to prosper this year.

Their sponsor, Sherrie Beamer, is a special education teacher at Hidden Valley High School, emphasizes the club’s focus on keeping the members bonding. Archery club participates in many events, from movie nights and bowling trips to local and even state level competitions.

“We do things to get everybody really close, so that they do really well together,” said Beamer, “everybody is like a family; that’s what we try and build, where everybody has each other’s backs and feels accepted.”

No matter what age, height, experience level, or disabilities one may have, the club is accepting and willing to work with every participant to do the best they can. Archery club has worked with individuals ranging from age four all the way up to age eighty in past situations. Students with physical and hearing disabilities have qualified for state level competition.

Beamer is hoping that this year, students will come out and support the club at competitions and participate in get-togethers. Meetings will kick off in September, beginning on the eighth of that month from two to five P.M. in the auxiliary gym. Meetings will continue every Sunday.

Alex Reed, a senior who has been a successful club member for all four years, states that he appreciates the close relationships between the members due to the club’s few, but dedicated members.

“Practices are always fun, and for the past three years we have made it to the state tournament,” Reed proudly states.

For years, we have all seen movie stars and characters do amazing things with a bow and arrow. Archery club brings this fantasy to life and makes it possible for anyone to participate in this bonding, challenging, and all around fun activity.