Do We Really Need Another Celebrity President?

Oprah Winfrey giving a speech at the Oscars, which sparked people's support for her presidential run.

Oprah Winfrey giving a speech at the Oscars, which sparked people’s support for her presidential run.

Sophie DiFrancesco, Staff Reporter

Ever since the most recent presidential election of Donald Trump, talk about electing another celebrity president is at an all-time high.  While the talk may have started as mere satire for late night TV shows such as SNL or Late Night with Seth Meyers, it has become increasingly more serious. After the 2018 Oscar’s, Oprah’s speech accumulated many supporters for her run for president in 2020. Also, during the 2018 Grammy’s, many artist promoted Jay-Z’s run for the next presidential election. This brings up the question, do we really need another celebrity president in the Oval Office?

The United States has already had two celebrity presidents in office, 40th president Ronald Regan and our most recent President Donald Trump. While Ronald Regan had prior political experience before being elected president from his role as the Governor of California, President Trump had no prior political experience at all. Does that mean President Trump was only elected because of his celebrity status? Not necessarily, but having no political or military experience definitely should effect how the citizens of the United States vote for you.

The United States is now in the age where the general public is now more influenced by celebrities on social media than a politician making a speech which may end up on the news. Millennials will soon be the largest voting bloc in the United States passing the baby boomers, but the millennials voting turn our rate continues to remain below 50% not showing the full potential of the impact of their votes. As millennials continue to receive their information from sites such as Twitter or Facebook, would it be beneficial for our president and future presidents to use social media to spread their views and policies? Maybe it’s just a bad egg in the basket, but so far Twitter has not been the best factor for our nation in the terms of how frequently our president tweets. Nuclear war with Korea has already been threatened multiple times through the use of social media putting our nation at stake for the purpose of petty subtweets.  As stated before, this could all be because of a childish man tweeting the first thing that comes to his mind usually ending with the word “sad” or “fake news,” but these potential tweets that threaten national safety aren’t guaranteed from our future presidents. Oprah Winfrey’s current twitter doesn’t wave any red flags while her tweets are centering around the Time’s Up Movement and her covers on magazines and Jay-Z hasn’t posted a tweet since June 15, 2017.

With the major impact of social media, news spreads faster than ever before. The general public can hear about a scandal even before it’s released to the press through leaks on social media sites. Having a celebrity as president will only bring a rise to scandals because of the current nature of every mistake being permanently recorded. Celebrities live their lives in the public eye telling the world their deepest, darkest secrets such as having a martial affair with an adult film star named Stormy Daniels. This behavior might be excused though if the president was a celebrity and “celebrities can commit adultery because they’re famous,” but do we really need any more major scandals in the Oval Office? We all know Monica Lewinsky’s infamous dress ended up in Bill Clinton’s presidential portrait, what scandal is going to end up in President Trump’s portrait? The artist has a fair amount of choices to choose from. It’s not like Oprah has a clean slate either, she has her brush with scandals including when Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girl in South Africa’s dorm matron was arrested and accused of sexually abusing at least a half-a-dozen young girls. This major scandal will definitely be brought into question and used as one of her opponent’s tactics against her if she chooses to run in 2020. Not to mention Jay-Z’s marital affairs which were exposed through his wife, Beyoncé’s, album Lemonade.

Scandals might be the best case scenario when it comes to a celebrity in office because with no prior political experience. How will a celebrity take the United States in a positive political direction when they have no clue what they are doing? Without any political or military experience, celebrities will not be able to formally run the United States without considerable help from their party and cabinet members. As President Trump has shown in his first year in office, not much has been accomplished due to the fact of his base of political philosophies around racial stereotypes and “building a wall.” In the president’s first year in office, he managed to pass a tax reform bill and shut down the government over immigration. He has also managed to have major wide spread protest against him including the Women’s March, DACA protests, the Tax March, the Impeachment March, and many more protests which had extremely large turnouts. Social media played a vital part in spreading movement’s against the president including “#Resist,” “#NotMyPresident,” “#StillWithHer,” and “#LoveTrumpsHate.” The rise for social media makes it progressively easier to spread your voice for or against a protest which will impact politics for the rest of time. As celebrity president’s become more popular, a hashtag “#Oprah2020,” will be able to spread faster than a wildfire through the celebrity’s fans and the general public. Even if the celebrities doesn’t have good political ideologies the mere idea of Oprah or Jay-Z as president will already be implanted into voters’ minds. As long as the person running has a great slogan such as “Make America Great Again,” or “Build the Wall,” then the movement behind who is running will be  widespread and voters’ don’t feel the need to look into the candidates background. This happened with Donald Trump when tape was released of him saying he grabbed a women by her p****, his supporters already had the idea that Donald Trump was a stellar guy so they ignored the serious allegations and excused them because he was a celebrity.

The major rise of social media’s effect on politics is exceedingly relevant in today’s society and will affect how we vote our future world leaders. If our nation doesn’t pull it together soon, we might have yet another celebrity president in the extremely near future. If this does happen, which by the looks of it has an increasingly high chance, our nation might as well have Oprah yelling to the general public, “YOU get free healthcare, YOU get free healthcare, YOU ALL get free healthcare.”