Don’t Look Up

Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the two main actors in Dont Look Up.

Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the two main actors in Don’t Look Up.

Jihyun Lee, Reporter

In this comedy/disaster film packed with celebrities ranging from rappers to A-List Hollywood stars, Don’t Look Up is a movie that forces the viewer to hold great anticipation before watching. While the plot was interesting and the actors who were casted seem perfect for their roles, the humor in the movie fell lower than expected.

Kate Diabiasky, an astronomy grad student under Dr. Randall Mindy, discovers a comet that is headed directly towards Earth. The rest of the public doesn’t believe their warnings or seem to understand the severity of the situation; the world is going to be destroyed and this information is going straight over their heads. To the two main characters, it is the worst possible scenario, but to the important higher ups that need to act fast to ensure the safety of Earth, the disaster is a means to make money. While the comet is filled with precious materials that will make them incredibly rich, the world is divided between the resources that the comet will bring and the fact that the comet is going to collide right into Earth, putting mankind into extinction.

Diabiasky is played by Jennifer Lawrence, while Dr. Mindy is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. With other characters being played by celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, Timothée Chalamet, Jonah Hill, and Meryl Streep, the movie’s cast is enough to go and watch the movie without knowing the plot.

However, if I were asked if anything fell short in the movie, I would say the comedy didn’t meet all of my expectations. With such an amazing lineup of celebrities featured in the movie, I expected the film to make me laugh more than your average comedy. After watching it, however, I was a little disappointed with the humor that I was given. However, with this being put to the side, the movie was entertaining and an overall good film.

It’s not that the movie wasn’t funny, it just wasn’t as funny as hoped. While this slight disappointment was mostly made up for with the actors and stars that were featured in the creative plot, I feel the comedy in the film could’ve been better. With this being said, I give Don’t Look Up four out of five shields, as I still really enjoyed the movie.