NEWS LEEK: CSHS Designated National Artistic Landmark

Travis Gullapalli and Andrew Potttyfield

Local officials announced Friday that the demolition of Cave Spring High School has once again been postponed, citing concerns over the recent designation of the school as a National Artistic Landmark.

The student’s work has won acclaim across the street art community. Renowned critic Johnny Coconuts praised the exhibit, saying that “The artists have masterfully crafted a transformative aesthetic experience, subverting all preconceptions of the viewer with incisive post-modernist commentary. I was taken aback at how the mechanical mark-making of the biomorphic forms contextualizes the exploration of montage elements all throughout the display.”

Paul G. Raffiti, assistant principal of the high school, spoke some kind words to convey his pride for the Cave Spring student body.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the moving and insightful works created by our students in recent weeks.” said Raffiti. “I think we’ve really showcased the best we have to offer, and I’m glad our teachers and administrators had the foresight to encourage this.”

While proud of their achievements, students were reportedly disappointed to hear that they were not to be moving into their new state-of-the-art modular campus. “Yeah, I was really looking forward to experiencing a tighter-knit community through our learning cottages.” said Tay Railer, a junior at Cave Spring. “They really looked like an upgrade from our normal classrooms – although I will miss that familiar moldy smell.”

As a National Artistic Landmark, Cave Spring is required to change their address to better reflect certain aspects and values of the community.

“The new address definitely represents the spirit of Cave Spring High School. 1413 Eight Years Row embodies our values and commitment to tradition,” said Lou Sur, a senior on the football team.

Go Knights!