Ms. Sherry Richardson – Teacher of the Year

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“She’s passionate in her curriculu m as well as intimate in her class discussions. Truly outstanding.” -Zayne Almurshidi (10)

“She’s sweet to all her students. Ms. Richardson is responsible like a mother and caring like a grandmother. I enjoy coming to her class because it’s always a positive environment.” -Sydney Rubin (10)

“She cares very much about her students and wants them to achieve at their highest potential.” -Sarah Dalton (10)

“Provided an innovative, casual learning experience that benefited the students by putting less pressure while learning more efficiently.” -Marcus Coffey (10)

“She is an amazing teacher. Very heart-warming and caring woman. Ms. Richardson is most likely voted to be school Mom, she brightens up the day just with her smile!” -Katrina Andrews (10)

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