Mr. Thomas Galyen – Teacher of the Year Runner-up

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“Mr. Galyen meets and exceeds the extensive demands of a band director. He is not only passionate about his own students’ educations, but is also understanding and compassionate. The bonds he creates with students everywhere in Hidden Valley (not exclusively band) are of the strongest, most genuine student-teacher relationships in the school.” -Brian Bera (11)

“Mr. Galyen takes the time to build a personal relationship with each of his students. He knows them beyond just what is going on in the classroom. He also acknowledges their strengths and weaknesses and teaches specifically in a style suitable to that students.” -Priyanka Pugazhenthi (12)

“Mr. Galyen has taught me valuable life lessons and has been a factor in my decision to continue studying theatre and music.” -Emma Cummings (12)

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