Ms. Oakes – Wanted for Disturbing the Peace

Arielle Conway

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Even though Ms. Carmen Oakes may be wanted by the police for disturbing the peace she is also wanted by the students of Hidden Valley for being an enthusiastic, passionate Earth Science teacher.

“Ms. Oakes provided a really positive welcome to Hidden Valley for me by making science fun and exciting, while also getting the lesson done,” said Nicolle Valladares (9).

When asked what Ms. Oakes does differently than other teachers, Sarabeth Hammond (9) said, “It’s almost like she’s a mother to me. We talk about different things, and email each other. I feel really connected with her.”

This isn’t the first time Ms. Oakes has won the ‘Teacher of the Year’ title. She’s won up to five times before.

“Winning this award makes me feel good and like I’m making a difference in my student’s lives,” said Ms. Oakes.

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