Mr. Harris – Wanted for Excessive Love of Math

Mikara Mitchel & Arielle Conway

Arielle Conway

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Mr. Brian Harris is a math teacher at Hidden Valley who is wanted by the police for his excessive love of math. He is also wanted by the students of Hidden Valley because of his supportive and interactive personality that gets his students the help they need.

“I really enjoy Mr. Harris’ attitude and his way of teaching. He has a really bright, excitable personality,” Cayla Kromhout (12) said.

“Mr. Harris is the best teacher I’ve ever had learning wise. The way he explains things is so understandable,” said Jesslyn Adams (10).

Mr. Harris has been a teacher for eight years and has won ‘Teacher of the Year’ twice.

“I was honored last year and I feel honored again to be chosen by the students, so I’m very thankful for that,” Mr. Harris said about winning this award.

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