Mr. Galyen – Wanted for Theft of Instruments

Nastassia Woolwine, Reporter

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Even though Mr. Thomas Galyen is wanted for stealing band instruments, the Hidden Valley band students love him for his caring personality and relationship with his students.

“He interacts with his students and he has a good sense of humor,” said McKenna White (9).

According to Mr. Galyen, teaching more than 100 students and directing the marching band program make him more responsible because he’s not only making decisions for himself. Winning for the first time this year, Galyen said it made him feel good that students appreciated how he teaches.

“He actually cares about his students, like he wants to be there,” said Elise Candelario (9).

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Galyen said he wanted to play percussion on Broadway, but once he discovered teaching was something he loved, he decided to become a band director.

“One good thing about Hidden Valley is everyone here has their own style and they’re doing what’s best for their students. I try to teach my class the way I think gets across the best and the way I’m most comfortable teaching,” said Mr. Galyen.

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