New Breakfast Policy

The Breakfast Policy has Changed.

The Breakfast Policy has Changed.

Ethan Tronstad, Reporter

Here at Hidden Valley High School, the administration has changed the breakfast policy.  Originally breakfast was served from 8:00am to 8:30am. Recently, the policy was changed. Now breakfast is only served until 8:15am, but now you can get breakfast in between first and second block.

This policy was changed to prevent students from being late to class in the morning. Most students will get to school right before the bell, and when they get breakfast, they end up being late to class. This frustrates teachers because students are tardy, but they were just getting breakfast, so they do not want to mark the student as late.

Many students will take advantage of this, by coming into school late and using breakfast as an excuse to get out of another tardy slip. This causes conflict between students and teachers.

The new policy puts a stop to all these conflicts. Students won’t be late to class anymore, and teachers won’t have to deal with students trying to get out of a tardy slip. The new time limit allows students to get breakfast early and still make it to class on time.

If a student is not able to make it to the cafeteria by 8:15am, they are still able to get breakfast, they just have to wait until the end of their first block class and pick it up then.

This new policy is a win-win for everyone. Students can still get breakfast in the morning, and teachers do not have to deal with late students. So come down to the cafeteria for some breakfast, just make sure you get there by 8:15!