The Hidden Valley Choir Winter Concert

The Hidden Valley Choir Winter Concert

Zoey Walker, Reporter

On December 8th, the Hidden Valley Choir performed a beautiful arrangement of various Christmas songs. The Mixed Choir opened with some holiday songs from around the world such as A La Nanita Nana and The Holiday Tango!, with Susanna Smith (11) on the sleigh bells. Gabe Smith (11) discussed how much he enjoyed this section, saying “…it was really festive, […] with all the different culture.” 

After the Mixed Choir performed, the Chorale took the stage and sang Toyland, Artist of a Winter Night, and a fun song called Il est bel et bon, which builds upon itself to create an upbeat tune.  

Next, the Vocal Ensemble dove into their repertoire of Winter Wonderland, Once Upon a December, and 12 Days of Christmas. All these songs were beautifully done, with the standout being the Straight No Chaser version of 12 Days, which the students made playful and incredibly captivating. Zach Nordberg, a member of the Vocal Ensemble, (11) agreed, saying “…there were a few places we could’ve improved, but overall, it was pretty great,” and stated his personal favorite song to perform was The 12 Days of Christmas. 

Finally, all the choruses joined on the stage to sing Frosty the Snowman. It was a great ending to a wonderful show.