2022 Influenza Virus

2022 Influenza Virus

Ben Campbell

The influenza virus of 2022 has hit Hidden Valley harder than most years have. I, personally, have had a substitute teacher on most days during the last month of school before winter break. The 2022 flu vaccine is less than 50% effective. On top of that, much fewer Americans are getting influenza vaccines this year, compared to last year.

The students that I interviewed agree that the flu seems more serious this year than the last few years.

When asked if she believes the flu virus has a worse impact this year than previous years, Dezerae Witcher (11) said, “Yeah, I guess more people are getting sick this year.”

Now, there is a possibility that the flu was equally as impactful the last few years, and we just blamed Covid-19 for its effects. However, I had never had the flu until 2022, and I have had it twice this year. I think the influenza virus is especially infectious and impactful this year.

When asked how he is being personally affected by the influenza virus, Yehun Kim (11) stated, “It is making my throat go cough cough.”

The influenza virus has caused a rough few weeks before winter break, but we all hope we are flu-free in January.