Off to Nationals! FCCLA Crushes Regional Competition

FCCLA at regional competition

Ethan Tronstad, Reporter

Our FCCLA team is preparing for the National level competition, which will take place in Denver, Colorado from July 3rd to July 6th 2023. This highly-anticipated competition will bring together the best FCCLA teams from across the country, all looking for a chance to be crowned National champions.

The journey to the national level has not been easy. Hidden Valley’s team had to first compete in Columbus, Ohio at the Regional level, where they faced off against 40 other teams in two grueling competitions. The teams were separated into categories and asked questions about their chosen topic, as well as general FCCLA knowledge questions. After two intense days of competition, our team managed to qualified for the finals, where they faced off against a single team in a 1 v. 1 style competition.

The finals were just as intense with teams frantically hitting the buzzer to answer questions posed by the judge. If a team failed to hit the buzzer within 10 seconds, the question would simply be passed and another question would be asked. Despite the pressure, our team managed to come out on top and qualify for the National level competition.

After the win, Maya Ghobrial (10) celebrated the team’s accomplishment. “It was an amazing experience and we were incredibly blessed to be able to go, we are really proud of each other, especially being the first team in Roanoke to qualify.”

Hidden Valley High School celebrated FCCLA’s hard work and dedication with a State Walk. Now that they have proven themselves at the Regional level, we wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing their results at the National level.