Winter Spirt week is back

Its time for Winter Spirt week here at HVHS

It’s time for Winter Spirt week here at HVHS

Lauren Murray, Managing Editor

Winter Sprit week is back at HVHS! During the last week before winter break students and staff are encouraged to dress up according to the theme of the day to show their school spirit. 

The themes this year are, Mad about Plaid, Tinsel Toes, Favorite Holiday Movie Character, Holidays around the World, and Ugly Sweater Day.  

“I don’t think the dress up days are that great this year, but that’s okay,” says Grace Kenzie (10).  

Many students feel uncomfortable dressing up according to the school’s themes, because they feel that it is cheesy and stupid. However, spirt week is a great way to enjoy the holidays. Dressing up is an easy and fun way for students and staff to show school unity.  

“I think dressing up is a fun way to show your school spirit,” says Mrs. Oakes a science teacher at HVHS.”   

“I don’t think that not dressing up means you don’t have any school spirt,” says Kenzie (10). 

Spirt week also gets people in the Spirt for the upcoming winter break and the holiday season. It is a good way to make the last week of school before break a little more bearable.