Best Christmas Songs

Its Christmas time!

It’s Christmas time!

Sophie Wright, Reporter

It’s the most wonderful time of year here at Hidden Valley, but what songs do students find the best when it’s Christmas time and which ones do they get tired of? There were a multitude of answers when it came to answering this question, and some people had trouble thinking of a number one because there are so many. 

According to TK Lawrence (12) he does not like Christmas songs and does not want them to be played around him. 

Worth Paisley (11) shares that one of his favorites is “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” because “it’s [a] classic.” 

 “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” because “I sing it with my little brothers and sisters” answered Pikea (11). 

Zach Nordberg (11), who’s in choir, claims that one of his favorites to sing is “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  

“Happy X-Mas” by John Lennon is Natalie McGrath’s (11) top song. 

Katie Brewer (11) claims that her number one song is “I want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” because “I used to be obsessed with that song as a child.” 

There are so many classic jams to listen to this holiday season!