Holiday Decorations!…… in November

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations

Gracey Haas, Reporter

As soon as Halloween ends, do you ever walk around and say… Huh? Why is there a snowman in that store window? It is hard enough to take down our decorations for Halloween, but some people start to redecorate for Christmas starting November 1st. I get that people love Christmas decorations, and I do too, but seeing a reindeer right after seeing a ghost is a little too soon in my opinion. 

While decorating is beautiful to the eye, maybe people should wait until Halloween is over, or maybe even after Thanksgiving, just to be safe. If you go into any store after Halloween, or even sometimes before, you will see Old Saint Nick popping his little head out or live Christmas trees that if you purchase too early, they will be dead by Christmas. All I can say is who wants to wake up to a dead Christmas tree on Christmas morning? Why are stores putting out Christmas decorations before Halloween and Thanksgiving have even started? 

Although it can seem a bit early, for some people it is a tradition to decorate early. Seeing lights and hearing jingle bells brings the joy and spirit of Christmas, so I can also understand wanting to have decorations up to put a bit more cheer in the air. According to Moms, “people who decorate earlier for Christmas are happier and less stressed.” Also, for people who buy lots of decorations that cover their entire yard, I can understand wanting to display them for as much time as possible. Others may do it to beat the wintry weather and get their decorations up outside before the frosty air comes in December.  

In my opinion, holidays, especially the ones towards the end of the year, should have their own time to shine. Bats and ghosts should not have to be mixed with Santa and reindeer. There is plenty of time for every holiday, so we should just keep them separated.